Weekend Update 6/12

It won’t be too long before we’ll be renaming the site Lazy Acres North v.Bon Air.  Yep, we found a place to hang our towels in an area of Richmond called Bon Air.  Even though the tax assessor has it listed as Richmond we’re going to take a little St. Louis with us and use “Bon Air” as our from line.  It has a “Del Boca Vista” feel to it.

Since this is the last official weekend here in St. Louis I imagine we should be writing some kind of ode to St. Louis post.  Not sure on that.  I have a last “St. Louis Screw” post already in my head.  Can’t decide if we should leave on a positive note or not.

Maybe we could talk about the barber today.  At age 62-ish he told me he still loved the interaction with the “folks, even the ass holes.”  He said you would be amazed at all the people that come through his store that vent about work, etc.  His philosophy has to been to make every interaction entertaining.  Sounds like a good one to have.

We’re visiting Senor Pique one last time tonight.  This certainly has to be one of the highlights of being here.  It’s not just the food or the people but the opportunity to have something familiar and comfortable.  It’s nice to hang out with others that can’t answer the “what high school did you go to?” question.

We’re in limbo on our last concert here in St. Louis too.  Yes, I was awakened this morning by Tracey who couldn’t find our DMB tickets.  She thinks she shredded them with some old bills or something.  We’re praying they can be replaced or found before Wednesday.  If not we have tickets to four other shows.

Packers come Monday.  Trucker comes Tuesday.  We close on the house Thursday and hit the highway right after.  The kitties have arrangements until we get into our new place later this month.  Tracey and the girls also are planning some time with family.

Maybe in the morning we’ll feel more like looking back on our time.  For now we say so long with a big hello to our future.


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