Top 10 Things We’ll Miss in St. Louis

It’s moving day.  The packers came in around 8am and within 30 minutes were busy packing away.  It’s amazing what four people can do with the right supplies and know-how.  Here we are at nearly 4pm Lou time and they are finishing the last room and starting to gather their things.

We’ve been shuffling around people and running various other errands today.  Tracey has been a good sport about staying at HQ to help with answers, etc.  I noted in her Facebook stream a picture of all the boxes in the living room with the caption “here we go again.”

Seems like everywhere I go today people are friendly.  It’s as if St. Louis is glad to have us leaving although many of the comments have been “sorry to see you go.”  The teller at the bank was happy to hear we sold the house but acted disappointed to hear we were leaving town.  Even the cashier at St. Louis Bread Co. asked if we “liked it in St. Louis.”

We have to admit with the reality of the move hitting us hard, we will miss many things about St. Louis.  Here’s a quick top 10 (in no certain order):

  1. Senor Pique.  It has to be the best Mexican restaurant we’ve ever eaten at.  Authentic “from grandmother’s kitchen” recipes combined with the friendliest people, not to mention they pour a great margarita!
  2. Wildwood Barbershop.  About the most politically incorrect barbershop in West County but then again aren’t most barbershops politically incorrect?
  3. 3 Nicolet.  Our home here was very special to us. The Panovec/DMB weekend of 2008 was a tremendous highlight not to mention the many butts smoked on the back patio.
  4. WashU. I haven’t been the best person to stay in touch with my classmates from WashU but can say the school and all it offers to someone locally as an alumnus will be missed. 
  5. BBQ Reviews.  We’ll have to get back into the hunt for good BBQ Virginia style.  Trying new places here in St. Louis with people so passionate about BBQ was definitely a highlight of being here.
  6. STL Cardinals.  We’re not baseball fans but I can certainly tell you I relate more to the Cardinals now that I’ve spent some time away.  We may be able to catch a game before leaving this week!
  7. Schlafly.  This local craft brew is special.  They can’t make it east fast enough for us.
  8. LAN HQ.  LAN HQ is always where we are however the concept reached new heights here in St. Louis.  Our bar was always stocked with brew, good Q, smoking dead animals over long holiday weekends, etc.  We certainly lived well here.
  9. Free cable TV.  We’re not cable employees anymore and I tell ya I now understand how everyone else lives.  We may be Verizon Fios customers when getting to Richmond.
  10. Friends.  With the last year of commuting I haven’t been much of a friend but can say I met and worked with people here I know we’ll be friends for life.  Thanks to everyone for supporting us, laughing at our jokes, and for tolerating our every day rants.  We’ll miss everyone and we’ll always have a light at our home for you wherever we may be.

Happy Trails St. Louis.  Cheers!

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