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BBQ Review: Buz and Ned’s

Stop number two in our reviews of Richmond’s “Smoky Dozen” as published by Richmond Magazine is Buz and Ned’s.  Located on Boulevard Avenue north of Broad Street, you can’t miss the restaurant due to the big billboard and large white tent next to the street.

buz and ned's barbecue restaurantAccording to their web site and signage in the restaurant, Buz and Ned’s is the only “real” barbecue within 100 miles of Richmond. I’m not sure if this is sarcasm or a legitimate claim. It’s obviously not true. Many Richmonders think so however as evidenced by it’s popularity.

I visited Buz and Ned’s during a weekday. It was my second visit in four and a half years. And for the second time in four and half years I spent several hours going to and from the bathroom after consuming my meal.

Since the food wasted no time exiting my body, I’m not wasting any time with this review. I don’t like this place. Sorry Buz. Sorry Ned.

The menu is like a 20 year career stuffed into a one page resume. There’s lots of stuff, fonts were small, and to top it off most items are ala carte. Three meats, three sides, and two drinks cost over $33. Oh, I shouldn’t forget a few hush puppies were extra too. The same “combination” at many other barbecue restaurants would run around $20.

bricket pork chicken barbecue Buz and Ned'sSorry Buz. Sorry Ned. I was so flustered with the menu and ordering an ala carte combination that I forgot to order my protein without sauce.

The last time I looked at my See and Say Farmer, pigs, chickens, and cows looked different. Buz and Ned’s have miraculously gotten these animals to be the same. Their secret? BBQ Sauce.

The brisket, pork, and chicken were all served in sauce. In fact, the BBQ sauce is the focal point, not the meat. Each dish of sauce took on a different flavor profile based on the protein it was mixed with. Yes I could tell the difference between meats because they were side by side. I honestly don’t know if an average person who ordered a barbecue sandwich would know what they were eating.

Never the less, brisket was the better of the three. It wasn’t as saturated with the sauce as the pork or chicken. There was a decent smoky and beefy flavor. It was sliced thinly and easy to consume.

Sorry Buz. Sorry Ned. I almost forgot about the sides:

Buz and Ned’s does a good job with Mac and Cheese. The cheese sauce was creamy and baked is certainly my favorite. The collard greens were fine. I would have liked to have seen something different with the greens rather than plain. I was not expecting sweet pickles in the cuke and onion salad. Sweet pickles remain a taste I haven’t acquired.

Sorry Buz. Sorry Ned. There’s no beating around the bush here. I can’t recommend you. I don’t think I’ll be back. The great thing about America is I’m only one opinion. The best thing for you guys is that frosted corn flakes sell like gang busters in Richmond.

Our score: 1 Butt out of 4.


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