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“Moo” and “Poo” at Lazy Acres Ranch

Lazy Acres Ranch was the name of our grandparents farm tucked away in Gandy’s Cove, Morgan County, Alabama. Everyone in the family at one point spent some time there. We graduated high school there before moving on to college at Auburn University, or as we sometimes like to say UCLA: “Upper Corner of Lower Alabama.”

The memories of Lazy Acres and our times there are never far from our hearts or thoughts. Although our grandparents wouldn’t approve of some our stories here, the spirit of their values hold true: Family first. Integrity. Respect for all things. Most importantly be thankful for what you have and leave a light on for any friend in need. We strive every day to get there.

What can you expect on our blog? You’ll mostly find thoughts and opinions related to BBQ adventures, misadventures from concerts and everyday life, and Auburn football.   Don’t hesitate to comment or drop us a line and say “hello.”

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