Top 10 Things We Won’t Miss in St. Louis

Why not spread some more love back to the Lou?  Or is it love.  You decide.

Last week we posted a top 10 list of things we’ll miss in St. Louis.  Here’s the antithesis (big word for me):

  1. Manchester Rd.  This major artery stretching from Maplewood to Ellisville is wrought with congestion.  Richmonders think Broad Street in Short Pump is bad.  Think Short Pump about 20 miles in length and you’ll get the idea.
  2. The St. Louis Screw.  This concept refers to all the vendors who seek to take advantage of good hard working folks.  We never experienced the type of rip-offs and poor service until moving to STL. 
  3. The St. Louis Cardinals.  Yea, I had the Cards in the top 10 things we’ll miss in last week’s post.  Now we refer to the over obsession of baseball choking out the tremendous football potential the city has.  Can’t pigskin catch a break here?  (STL is Big 12 and Big 10 hell.  We want our SEC!)
  4. “What high school did you go to?” Who cares!  Get over it St. Louis and stop trying to stereotype people.  There is life outside of St. Louis.
  5. Humidity.  We grew up in the Deep South and never had a problem with humidity.  The big difference with St. Louis and other places we’ve lived is wind.  There doesn’t seem to be much wind in the summer and that makes for some awfully hot and sticky days.
  6. The middle of the country.  Ever looked at the map and asked “how long does it take to get to… [Insert your favorite destination here]?” 
  7. Dierberg’s.  There are limited grocery options in St. Louis for foodies.  Two family operated chains control the market.  Dierberg’s is one of them. 
  8. Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre.  Tracey always marvels at how much I loathe this concert venue.  I don’t think it represents what an outdoor venue should be about, and the beer is way too expensive.
  9. Watching our neighbor’s dog crap in our yard.  Why our mailbox was the first stop on the daily walk is beyond our comprehension.  At least she has to pick it up and that was entertaining.
  10. I can’t think of a 10. We’re not going to write a “10” just for the sake of one.  On review there’s nothing here that would keep us from coming back.  Maybe…

So long St. Louis!  See you online, in our dreams, in the news, and around.

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