Tobacco Road

I’m living and working in an area of Richmond called Shockoe Slip.  Way back in the day before the train, trade flowed up and down the James River.  This area of Richmond was the entry for commerce and a gateway going west into Virginia.  There is an old canal system just down the street from the office where ships would off load cargo to smaller boats and skiffs and then those would be moved along a series of holding “ponds” into the city.

During the civil war, many a confederate supply moved through this area.  The transportation and warehousing system was so valued that General Lee’s army burned it down when vacating the city in 1865.  The area was reconstructed primarily as a warehouse district and then many decades later turned into shops, restaurants, lofts, etc.  It’s kind of a trendy place with a diverse mix of people.  The restaurants range from casual to extravagant.

I’ve discovered Google Maps is a marvelous thing.  Virtually everything I have found as far as a gym, bank, dry cleaners, grocery stores, etc. has been through Google Maps.  I’m enjoying it so much that I thought I would share local points of interest as I find them here at LAN.  You can click on the map to see more on Google.  The sidebar map will also be active going forward.

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