Tobacco Pad

Thought we would get LAN updated with photos of the pad.  Remember the 2007 edition of The Pad?

Our 2009 Richmond version isn’t as nice but has a hell of a-lot (two words) more character and is way more convenient.  I’m right above the office and right in the middle of the hottest spot in the River City.

Presenting… the Pad: v.Richmond


It’s a st… stu… studio (insert Phil Collins horn section).


I think that’s called a kitchen-ette.


Hark, outside the window beyond the lush green ivy, is it… Yes it is.  I-195! (upper left corner)

1 thought on “Tobacco Pad”

  1. You even have some lattice work in the ceiling to remind you of home! I rather like this one better than the STL version personally.

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