Well we’re moving, transitioning once again.  I’m back in the Lou this weekend for school and taking advantage of the Internet connectivity to update LAN.  Ah, the Internet.  It’s a beautiful thing.

Just to keep pace with our fellow bloggers:

Rather than a lengthy post.  Here’s a photo capsule:

stop think

1/31 11:15 am: We did stop at the exit to the neighborhood to consider our future.  Nah, we made the right turn fairly easy.

behind us

About 45 minutes later… Tried to hit Smokin Al’s on the way out for a remembrance lunch, but they were closed.  So as they say to the Dude, &^%$ it.  See ya, St. Louis.


Indiana is the land of no where.


Downtown Louisville looks better with real eyes.  Drove through somewhere in the 14-15:00 hour-ish range.

huntington sushi

1/31, 19:00-ish (maybe later – lost count): Believe it or not, opted for a sushi dinner in Huntington, West Virginia.  Yep.  Was planning on a salad at the Outback steakhouse but didn’t want to wait over half an hour for a seat at the bar.  I’m alive today, so it must have been safe enough to ingest.


As Paul Simon would exclaim, it’s gettin’ late in the evening.  What a pretty sight to behold somewhere close to midnight!

[Insert picture of Nancy Artley Bloody Mary here]

I’m such a dope.  I forgot to take a picture of John’s better half’s Bloody Mary.  I had only one with breakfast the morning of 2/1 in the lovely community of Swoope.  More than one would have rendered me useless for several hours.

city dog super bowl party

2/1, 10:31 remaining in the 2nd quarter of the Super Bowl.  I slipped into City Dog because well, they were the only place close to the apartment that was open and I was hungry.  There was very little hope for eating right or finding healthy liquid nourishment.  Yuengling Lager was on draft.  Notice the nice “17” jersey on the ceiling?  A marvelous welcome to Richmond!  Thanks City Dog.


O-M-G!  Dale walked into conference room 3 on Wednesday evening.  Stunned silence.


Thursday, 2/5 lunch: Walked down the street for lunch.  I did have to ask the server what the restaurant was known for.  “You mean the most popular item?” she asked.  “Sure,” I said.  After telling us about a couple of sandwiches she shared “but our chicken fried steak is what most people get.”  Sold.

And that sums up the travel from the first week.  There is more detail but time doesn’t permit the download.  We have pictures of the apartment, thoughts on the upcoming move, etc.  So stay tuned.

More to come…


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  1. Dude, sushi in WV? You’re hard core! That’s right up there with jumping out of a perfectly good aircraft!

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