The Great Race

Taylor’s a sleek bolt of cross country lightning and I’m a house of donuts.  Yet, I’ve put a cool $50 on the line with Taylor that I can out fitness her over the next eight weeks.  A near 40-year old taking on a 15’er. Just as easy as Auburn’s 4-0 record right?

Here’s the deal:

Over eight weeks we’ll both change something about our fitness regime.  My winnings will be Taylor taking me to dinner and a movie.  Her winnings are $50 for new clothing.

Taylor’s goal is to develop and stick with a nutritional plan worthy of a high powered cross-country runner AND to achieve another personal best time in the 5k while doing it. Basically she has to eat more of the right foods and keep running.

My goal is to maintain a balanced diet AND lose 20 pounds.  Basically I have to eat the right foods and maintain a fitness schedule.  Sounds like I have this one in the bag already.

Stay tuned, we’ll be posting our progress over the next eight weeks.  My weigh in is in the morning.  Taylor will need to hit the grocery store too.

Wish us luck!

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