The Heat is On

The fitness race is on between Taylor and me.  Almost 5 days down and we’re getting warmed up.  Here’s the deal again in case you missed it:

Me? I have to lose 20 pounds in 8 weeks.

Taylor? She has to record a personal best in the 5k within in the same time frame.

If I win, Taylor takes me to dinner and a movie.

If she wins, she gets $50.

I realized tonight that we did not share the weigh in nor Taylor’s best time she has to beat.  So here you are… the picture was taken on the cell phone Monday morning at the gym for my first weigh in.  Yep, that’s a Homer Simpson 218 for me.  So my target is 198.  That’s chicken seed money!

Taylor’s best time in the 5k was clocked just several weeks ago at her first cross-country meet of the year, at 23:33.  Since her first race she’s clocked the 5k at 23:57 and 24:45.  So she’s getting slower as she gets older.  Before you know it she’ll be wearing granny pants.

You’re goin’ down Taylor!

Stay tuned.  Maybe we’ll get Taylor to type a post or two here and we’ll be sure to keep you updated. 


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