Palmetto Thoughts

The chickens are well on their way to being cooked.  We’re smoking them on the Weber tonight with a little hickory.  We have two whole fryers about 3.5 lbs each.  We’ll dunk them in white sauce once they come off in a couple of hours.

It’s a special day, a special game this evening.  South Carolina is close to our hearts.  We have fond memories of our time there.  Both kids were born in the Columbia area.  Tracey’s family is deeply rooted in the Palmetto State.

As you can imagine we have a lot or respect for the Gamecocks.  As a DJ for WARQ, I had the pleasure of hosting tailgate events at Tally Ho just a couple of wobbly strides from Williams-Brice Stadium.  Those were fun times and I can relate to the ups and downs of being a Gamecock fan.

If anyone deserves a nice run, it’s South Carolina.  The only problem is that my Tigers are in their way tonight.  I’ve been fortunate to come out on the winning end more than losing.  (Actually I don’t recall Auburn losing to South Carolina in recent memory.  It may have happened.)  Tonight however we’re a little anxious.

Tonight the ‘ole ball coach brings a different type of team into Jordan-Hare Stadium.  A power running attack isn’t the type of offense one normally associates with Steve Spurrier.  The Gamecocks are also getting it done on defense too.  Although South Carolina didn’t sell out their ticket allotment, I’m certain their fans’ tailgating has already become legend on the Plains.

Flip that over to Auburn… we’re running well but our top runner is the QB.  The offense has acted more like the “little train that could” instead of the sleek and fast steam liner we were expecting.  Our defense is improving but hasn’t faced a team of South Carolina’s caliber yet.  Oh yea, that other team from the state of South Carolina we beat in OT last week left Auburn asking questions about its mental and physical toughness.

Yes, tonight we’re anxious.

Many well wishes to our clan and friends in the Palmetto State.

The Cocks may be up and coming but it will take more than a blue pill to bring it home this evening.

(Sorry just couldn’t resist one nice pun.)


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