Ross It Up

If you want a true appreciation for Rashawn Ross just listen to Crush on DMB Live Trax Vol. 9. We first heard Rashawn in person in 2006 in Charlottesville. Shortly thereafter our Live Trax Vol. 6 arrived in the mail and we built a tremendous fascination for what he adds to the stage. His horn has had us in hypnosis ever since.

Welcome to the Lou Rashawn! June 7, 2008.

Yes the DMB is at high volumes this evening. We started off with a little Bob Marley while the grill warmed up. Tracey suggested earlier we finish off some leftovers which would have been just fine except the temp creeped up to 80 degrees with plenty of sunshine. There was no way leftovers were gonna hit my plate this evening.

I hit Straub’s on the way home from class to pick up several center cut rib porkchops. Oh baby. We have to get the cob webs dusted off for our visitor and the big weekend on the horizon. Plus the heirloom tomatoes are in season at the Straub’s. So what else goes with those? Well, about everything but pig was on the tongue.

I finished it off with roasted corn, a fresh baquette, and some broccoli. Yea, yea, yea… I’m 37. I need the dark greens and didn’t have the time for real greens.

Beer. Beer? We’re cleaning out the New Belgium. The last of the Skinny Dip is gone. Springboard? No more. Sunshine Wheat? See ya. A new round of brews is ready to enter the fridge to cool down for the first of June. We have a little of St. Louis’ own combined with som’thin som’thin… One thing’s for sure, there is plenty of hops and barley under the roof.

We also worked on the June 6 weekend itinerary, if you want to call it that. No secrets exposed here. For that, you’ll have to pay $3.99 per view. But we’re on the way to counting down.

Gonna run for the night… Family is calling and there may be some gettin’ jiggy involved.


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