Joy Ride

Feeling awful?  Have some falafel.

Nah… Try some sunshine.

We’re so tired of rain around here we decided that we would bring a little sunshine home.  Straight from New Belgium.  Made from wheat.

Actually we saw Goose Island’s Summertime in a market close to the office this afternoon but didn’t purchase because it would sit in the car.  We hit the neighborhood market at the end of the day and discovered that the neighborhood isn’t up to speed.

Sunshine was a natural choice.  However, after reading the story behind the brew we will pass the next time around.  We don’t like to mix sap with brew.

DMB Live Trax Vol. 2 was blaring today in the new hotness.  I like the Rapunzel/Joy Ride/#41 mix on disc 1.  I like it so much that I started shopping for a bobblehead Jesus tonight on eBay.  Not that I need one… well us sinners all need one… but I would like to have one on hand just in case.

That reminds me… With Panovec taking that big ole jet airliner to the Lou in a couple of weeks there is still no decision on a “Kill A Keg For Christ” blast in honor of the 64th anniversary of D-Day and DMB at the new Busch Stadium.  No agenda is set but something tells me that we’ll be so hyped up on the show that any pig that hits the smoke may go unnoticed.  Although it would be hard not to notice a plumb piece of tender moist succulent Ms. Piggy rubbed down to perfection with… That reminds me I need to renew my subscription to Play Boar.

We have DMB’s Piedmont Park on the TV this evening.  No Survivor anymore so we’re devoting Thursday to DMB.  When American Idol is decided we’ll be devoting Tuesday and Wednesday to DMB too.  …”cause you know it looks good on you.”

3 weeks to go!

Guess what… the summer mix is coming together too.  I shan’t provide a hint.  This may be the year of the LAN.

Salut ya’ll!

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  1. Ah yes, what to do now that I won’t see the lovely Amanda half-naked every Thursday night. It’s enough to drive a man to drink… fine microbrew pale ales! The summer mix is coming! I hit a snag with my opener, but I think I recovered this week.

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