Summer’in It Up a Notch

Good holiday weekend to all.

Finally, a three day weekend.  Seems like it’s been a year since the new year.  We have a laundry list of things to accomplish this weekend.  Yard work.  School work.  House work.  Mix work.  We won’t make it to Tuesday without remembering those who sacrificed to keep our nation free.  A bottle of Chimay is cooling in the fridge to toast those guys and girls, maybe a cigar or two too.

We are now officially two weeks from DMB at Busch Stadium.  An itinerary is coming together although we haven’t put it in order.  The AB tour is on the map.  So is a visit to Senor Pique.  The weber will be used but specifically for what is unknown.  We’ve stocked the fridge although I don’t know if a full fridge will survive two weeks.

Pork Butt with a SmileWe found a meat market that may be real –  Kenricks – and picked up a Boston butt this morning for a date with the smoke tomorrow.  The old gal was much happier once we rubbed her down real good.  You can see here she is in absolute nirvana.  Just imagine how she’ll be after 8 hours in the smoke?!

Artley gave us a good tip he tried from the TV – dry aging.  We picked up a Tupperware container big enough to hold the pig and we have poked holes in the lid.  The butt will only get an overnight age with the rub but worth a try.

The kids are officially out for summer.  They spent today wondering what in the heck they’ll do for the next 90 or so days.  Hale is already made a list of movies to see.  She also dug through the activities closet and uncovered an art set.  She’s at it right now creating away.  Taylor, who is just days away from turning 13, is contemplating how many shades of finger nail polish she can apply in one sitting.  Something tells me it will be a long summer for that one.

The Summer Mix is being finalized this weekend too.  I must admit that I listened to it thoroughly this morning and have decided it is too self indulgent.  So we will be making some subtle changes before having to ship it out at the end of the week.  If you’re not familiar with the Summer Mix contest, just check out our previous posts.  You can run a search for “Summer Mix”.  Make sure you do the advanced search to search all posts, titles, and content.

Also new this year to the Summer Mix is a blog.  It’s called Summer Mixin.  Check it out and check back in to see how we do.  Don’t hesitate to post comments, your favorite summer tunes, or best summertime happenings.

On tap tonight is Samuel Adams Summer Ale.  It’s the first weekend of Summer.  Why not?  Along with the butt, I decided to try some monster center loin steaks from Kenricks.  I only got two of them but we should have leftovers.  They are that big.  I rubbed them down with first press EVOO, coarse fresh ground pepper, kosher salt, a light pinch of garlic powder, thyme, and a little kick of red pepper flakes.  Fresh asparagus, field greens, and baked potatoes will round out the meal.

Hey everyone… it’s Memorial Day weekend.  All of us Feary’s here at LAN wish everyone a safe weekend.  May your glasses be full, your grills over run with fresh carcass, and your families close.


Ah... almost forgot.  The roses are going crazy.  I took some photos.  Enjoy.

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2 thoughts on “Summer’in It Up a Notch”

  1. Dear Tom and Tracey,

    Happy Memorial Day too. This is the coolest idea. That carcass looks ready for grilling for sure. We too celebrate with gratitude for our freedom. Thank you for the opportunity to celebrate Memorial Day weekend through this website of high order.
    Happy Memorial Weekend…..Edie

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