Ramblin’ Man

Oh the agony!  I was in LA this week and missed the Rush pre-sale for 8/24 here in STL.  No fret because tickets are on sale tomorrow at 10 am CST.  Given that Rush’s website didn’t have updated information until this week, I’m sure there’s about 100,000 or more fans in the greater STL area that also missed the pre-sale.  I should be good tomorrow.

Yes I did take the redeye back from LA.  I’m running on about 30 minutes sleep, 3 Fat Tires, 1 Beck’s Premium Light, 1 8oz filet mignon served medium rare with a field green salad, and now playing John Mayer Continuum.  I plan to go to bed only after there are no more Beck’s in the fridge.

Yea, yea, yea… I ran 5 miles yesterday.  I’m entitled to a little celebration.  By the way I’ve realized that life’s little celebrations are what keep us sane.  This is what is really importante.  Of course I have lots of time for life’s little celebrations, but whose keeping track.  Sure we love our support structure.  I’m thankful I can dial that 540 area code each day for a little dose of Feary or a little dose of Artley, but take time out to celebrate tying your shoes each day.

Here’s a life first, recorded this Friday, April 13, 2007:  So I was going back to my hotel on Tuesday evening.  I had been at a business dinner and realized soon after heading the car generally north/east (whatever direction the hotel was in southern California – I don’t think there is a compass there) that I had to urinate.  It unexpectedly became one of those sensations in which you fear for movement out of the car because control could be lost and a dry parking lot could become puddled.

I spotted a 7-11 and jerked the car into the parking lot.  I slowly swiveled my hips left out of the driver’s seat and placed my feet on the ground as if I was stepping onto a pillow.  Once stable I made a beeline for the store.  Doh!  No bathroom in the 7-11.  I couldn’t believe it.  The store attendant however referred me next door to a laundry mat.

I searched high and low for a bathroom but none was located.  A man who must have worked for the laundry noticed me pacing to and fro.  We made eye contact.  He pointed towards the back corner.  Upon my arrival and inspection of a wood paneled door I discovered a $0.25 slot on the door lock.  Yes indeed.  I had to pay $0.25 to enter the restroom.  With no change in my pocket I hit the change machine before depositing my coin and previous hours beverages.  When turning to exit the restroom I naturally sought the services of a sink with soap and paper towels.  There was none.

Life first = Paying to take a leak and not even getting the earned value of a sink in which to wash my hands.  Welcome to Southern California.

But all is ok.  I hit Pascal’s this morning in A Terminal in Atlanta.  Now this brings back memories.  I used to schedule early morning flights because I could get to places faster without burning the day.  Those 6am flights often went through Atlanta and took me to Pascal’s.  Now Pascal’s is an Atlanta tradition.  What you can expect for breakfast is grits, sausage or bacon, fresh biscuits, hash, etc. – good down home cooking.  Nothing fancy.  Be careful of going through there lunch or dinner though.  You can smell the peach cobbler through the entire terminal.

So here I sits back in the pad.  We’ve got haircut on the agenda tomorrow.  I would love to get in another run, but given that it may be wintry, I may pass.

Buenas noches.

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