PJs and Bulldogs

How’s everybody doin’ this evening?

I’m settling into a routine for Friday night, which Tracey has made clear will change once she and the kids are here.  The routine: hit the watering hole for a couple of brews and dinner, hit the homestead, get into PJs, and crank up the tunes.  I think she might come around to the PJs and tunes idea, but I’m not sure if she’ll come around to the watering hole routine.  Maybe if I crank up “Say Goodbye” loud enough with the PJs she might come around?

I’m feeling really blue because Panovec has excluded me from On Tap for the last two weeks.  Last week I staged a clever photo of me slumped over the bar on the heels of a day that started with a redeye flight from LA.  This week I sent in a photo of my beer glass full of Fat Tire (what’s new there?).  Both shots didn’t make the cut.  I don’t think I’ll make On Tap again unless I buy a stuffed toy to pass off the evening as “cute.”

Show me some love Panovec!

What a week.  Keeping up with a recent post regarding celebrating the little things…  I had a plan approved this week after many weeks of assessment.  Hoo-rah!  I have a big presentation next week too.  Well, big in the sense that it’s my first chance to slap everyone in the face with a little Feary.  No big deal in the grand scheme of all things Donald Trump.  In cable advertising, it’s pretty big.  I’ll be unveiling some strategy and planning.  “Strategy.”  There’s a strange word in an industry gone wild with off the cuff sales incentives.

House hunting?  We made an offer.  It was accepted.  We’ve had our inspection.  We’ve forwarded our inspection needs.  Now we’re waiting on the second round.  I’ll be posting the grand poo-bah once we have the wax melted on the deal.  Closing is slated for 5/2 but I think it may come off a day or two later given some of the items we’ve requested to be prepped.  We’re almost there though.  If anyone knows of a good program that will enable me to stream live video on the blog, let me know.  I think I may do a live broadcast from the new homestead once I get in.

BTW: I’ve officially renamed my RFTS ’07 Vol. 3: I’s Hips and I’s Hops Mix to “The Don Imus Mix.”  Please make a note of it.

The summer mix is coming along ok with the exception of I’ve been 4 songs short for about 3 months now.  I’m going to have to crank down and finish this thing up.  I will say that it has the potential to win running away.  My only hang up will be finding the time to finish.  My competitors have tons of time on their hands but us big wigs have slim pickin’s on the clock.

Sounds like the upstairs dog is barking to my music tonight.  Right now hitting the air is DMB’s “Too Much.”  So the dog is barking to the beat.  Too funny.  I can hardly type.  The neighbors upstairs must really hate me now.

With that I’m checking out.  I think I may have to dance around in my PJs – now hitting the air is “Tripping Billies.”

Buenas Noches.

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  1. My sprint stuff has been screwed up. But had to have some fun. Would love it if Senor Blanco sent in a photo.

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