House Hunting

We’re coming to the end of the house hunting.  Now for those of you that know how we are leaning you have to promise not to comment on the direction of the search.  Once we get all the wax melted on the deal we’ll officially announce the place.  But for now allow me to put everyone else through what Tracey has been going through back in Virginia these last few weeks.

Each weekend for the last four weeks, and some weeknights.  I go out to look at homes.  I take pictures of the good ones and post online for Tracey to view and comment on, ask questions, etc.  We discuss the homes and then I get new marching orders.  It’s been hard because the pictures don’t necessarily tell the whole story and our priorities have shifted somewhat as we have learned more about the neighborhoods, area, schools, housing market, etc.

I offer you the link to the pictures to get a feel for our process.  Currently there are eight houses now posted as photo “sets” under their respective address (down the right column).  Feel free to take a gander through the pictures and post comments, etc.  I will tell you from these eight we’ve made our decision.  Once we get moving down the road more, I’ll share that online here.  In the meantime however, enjoy the pictures and placing yourself in Tracey’s shoes.

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  1. I’ve been having problems with your commenting system, hopefully this will work. You have some great choices in houses, they probably don’t cost much more than the condos I’m looking at. It’s easy to imagine chillin on the porch of the Nicolet Drive house. Lalor Drive is very elegant and would impress the corporate folk. But if the choice were mine I’d go for Seabrook, it’s big with a modern design. Car looks good too. Get some more pictures of it before some Vice President puts a golf ball in it.

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