On the Heels of 6 in a Row

Have you guys been following the story of the Alabama booster that sued the NCAA for slander?  Well an Alabama jury returned a $5M award to him today.  Can you believe it?  What’s shocking to me is that the NCAA didn’t move to have the venue moved from the state of Alabama.  How in the world could they ever think to get a fair trial.  Personally I think they, the jury, were too sympathetic to the plaintiff.  Had the plaintiff not gotten caught giving “$100 handshakes” to high school kids, Alabama may not have lost the past 6 in a row to Auburn.

I have a great place for that jury to shop for Christmas.  The store is called Bromberg’s, a jewelry store in Birmingham (no hyperlink here as there’s not a snowball’s chance in hell it gets a LAN endorsement).  These lane-brain’s ran an ad over the weekend berating and degrading the Auburn faithful.  I haven’t seen the physical ad but here’s the copy:

“Whoever said love conquers all’ obviously wasn’t in love with a Cow College grad. But even though her grandma was the state tobacky-spittin’ champ and she can burp out every bar of War Eagle, your world revolves around her. So turn her thoughts from blue and orange to wedding white with the perfect engagement ring from Bromberg’s.”

The store issued an apology after realizing Auburn grads have more disposable income than bammers.  If you notice the file name here, it would appear this was the 4th version of the letter.  Perhaps these guys couldn’t spell apology or use the built in spell checker correctly.  It took four attempts to get it right.  Sounds like a bammer but it may take more than six, or maybe saban.  Oops excuse me, seven.

ESPN had an interesting article on Bo Jackson.  I found it interesting because of the emphasis on Bo being such a private person.  I’m not being critical because I can’t wear those shoes to know what Bo knows but the mention of his wife’s coworkers not knowing who her husband is sounds isolating and extreme to me.  I guess it’s hard to have a sane, real life with people always asking for autographs, comments, etc.  There was humor and nostalgia (don’t you remember his debut against the Seahawks on Monday Night?) but also sadness in thinking of what might have been.

The coaching carousel is revolving once again and Tommy is all over the media.  It’s hard to imagine Tommy a media darling but again he is a class act.  Reports indicate that Tommy didn’t ask for a raise in his annual review other than what is defined in his contract.  It seems like there’s a big love fest right now but the Alabama press is on pins and needles doing all they can do to play up the anxiety.  Hopefully the university will make an announcement in the next week or two on a contract extension, etc. and this saga will be over until next year.

There’s no telling where AU will end up bowling.  I don’t think it will be far enough west for us to see them.  It certainly looks like Atlanta, Orlando, or another east coast bowl against a Big Ten or ACC team.  I would love to smack around a Big Ten school again.

Missouri is in a state of frenzy over it’s football team right now.  There’s not too many people predicting another loss to Oklahoma which communicates overconfidence to me.  They’ve only been number 1 one other time in their history, never so late in the season with the national title so close to their reach.  The Sooners have been there before so I lean towards experience.  There’s the matter of the teams playing already this year but that didn’t help Tennessee against us in 2004.  I predict Oklahoma 27, Missouri 20.  I could be wrong as I don’t know Jack about the Big 12 so don’t lose money of my prediction.

This is a school week for me with the last financial accounting classes of the program.  If I get through the final that will make 5 courses down.  Statisitics is in full swing and this looks to be the most challenging.  I’ll be leaning on my team and the TA in that class.  Marketing starts mid-December.  I can’t wait for that one.

So no pigskin for me until Saturday evening.  I hope all enjoy the games.  I’ll check back in on the flip side.

War Eagle!

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