It’s Beginning to Look Alot Like…

The gods were kind to us this weekend.  After last weekends ice storm believe it or not the six+ inches of snow we received over a 24 hour period beginning Friday evening was a welcome relief.  Serious, the snow is flippin’ sweet.  It certainly brings a mellow tone to the month and a freshness to end the year with.

Once I brushed off the bird feeders the birds seemed to having a great time too.  I acquired a couple of feeders and placed them in the yard after coming back from Grandmother’s birthday party last month.  They were up for two weeks without any birds feeding off of them.  A local bird store hooked me up with the right feed and the birds have been off to the races.

The feeder you see here is off the deck in the rear of the house.  This view is from the master bedroom.  Tracey invested in a lounger that looks out the sliding door to the deck and it comes in handy now that the birds are starting to come by.

(More pictures here.)

I have another feeder in the front in view from the kitchen window.  The birds in the front are primarily ground feeders.  They send buddies up to the feeder to throw the feed down on the ground.  It’s amazing to watch.  They must be used to eating in front of cats too because our four just watch and go nuts.  They birds don’t pay them any attention.

If you recall from last year we took at trip for the holiday to catch a white Christmas.  Turns out all you have to do is come to St. Louis.  It certainly is feeling like the holiday now with the snow and cold weather.  Our only problem is we’re late to the game again – no tree or lights up yet.  This week will be action packed with preparations for ol’ St. Nick.

We hope you’re having a joyous season and that your New Year brings you lots of good luck and cheer.  We’ll be checking back in before the new year for sure but just in case… Happy Holidays and New Year!

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