Open Thread: Iron Bowl 2007

Here we go, the 2007 Iron Bowl…

ESPN Opener: House Divided?

What a dorky way to start a Iron Bowl!

A house divided? Will you kiss your wife when it’s all over? Hell noooaaaaahhh.

Give me a break. Wonder where Blackledge will eat tonight?

Q1: Jipp’ed

What a jip. The linesman comes in and marks Forest Gump named QB short, blows the whistle, and then the referee calls it a TD. What a jip.

Auburn looks pretty good. The bammers are moving the ball fairly well now. We need to stay focused on the run. We can’t afford to get caught looking.

A great game so far. Let’s see how AU answers the bammer score.


PS – Can you say Ben Tate?

Q2: Tracey’s Words of Wisdom

Who names their kid ‘Roy’?

True. More true than an ice cold Budweiser.

What we’ve witnessed here is Alabama luck. Two horrible calls by officials – the defensive pass interference that led to the first bammer TD and the ruffing the kicker call. Then the fumble off the foot or dropped pass off the foot. I think the referee ruled it a fumble.

Aye carumba.

Q3: Tracey’s Wisdom Part 2

Especially is his last name is Upchurch.

Other bammer names:

  • Glen Coffee: Didn’t he star in the Green Mile?
  • Sam Burnthall: Huh?
  • Chavis Williams: Can I have a shot of…?
  • Brandon Fanney: Can I spank your…?
  • Leigh Tiffin: Starring in the St. Louis ballet rendition of the Nutcracker…
  • Gillberry: As in dingle-…
  • And last but not least… Forest Gump named QB.


Q4: “When he hits you…”

…you go backwards

Tray Blackmon, Stud.

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