October Days

Buenas Dias!

Now that we have the new site design behind us, we can concentrate on getting back to life and times. With all this lookin’ back on our previous posts there is no doubt we have to get back to livin’ and get this football season behind us. (Can’t believe I just typed that.) What is it from Shawshank? “Get busy livin’ or get busy die’in.” At least we have Jason Campbell to follow, knock on wood.

So last night we grilled some burgers and drank in a little October. We threw open the back door to let a little of the crisp autumn air in. We popped the tops on a few orange and blue bottles of Sam Adams Octoberfest. We cranked up the latest DMB find. It was a nice end to a long week – these school weeks are starting to take their toll.

Speaking of DMB, we finally completed our Live Trax collection. We were missing a few of the shows so we just ordered what we didn’t have when we pre-ordered St. Louis. I have gravitated to the 1998 Worcester show. Tracey is all over the St. Louis show.

What I love about the Worcester show is the improvisation, the jams with the guest musicians. The show starts off with an umpteen minute version of Seek Up featuring Butch Taylor on keyboards and Tim Reynolds on lead guitar. #41 totally cooks as Bela Fleck and Jeff Coffin join the band on stage for that tune. I have really gotten into Jeff Coffin since seeing the Rothbury show over the web in July. This disk reminds us of how much we miss Butch Taylor as well.

Obama in St. Louis via STLToday.com
Obama in St. Louis via STLToday.com

The big news this weekend in the Lou was Obama’s visit yesterday. Some are estimating that 80-100,000 people were downtown to hear (very few could see) him speak under the arch. Supposedly this was the biggest crowd to date to see him. Missouri democrats are emboldened to be aggressive for the next few weeks as some are predicting the big MO could go Obama. Like that pun?

(Here is a better shot of this same angle from under the arch.)

We missed the speech yesterday because of school but certainly were tempted to skip out to catch it. I’m not too interested in waiting in 100,000 people but certainly the historic nature of the event drew upon my wanting to attend. It’s not just that Obama could be the nation’s first African American President but that so much diversity is behind him. I believe it’s the kind of healing our country needs after so many long years of bickering and partisan politics.

We don’t have much planned for our Sunday. We do have some school work to move on and that will primarily be our focus along with some other light reading, chores, errands, etc. There’s only six months left in our MBA program and we can’t wait for the end. Don’t get us wrong. We love school. We just look forward to having more weekends for us. Gettin’ back to livin’.

Hope all are well. Enjoy the clean Fall weather.

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