Checking In and ‘All

St. Louis is still a buzz with visits from the two presidential candidates.  Obama drew, what the consensus now seems to be, 100,000 under the arch.  McCain showed up in a suburb of St. Louis known as St. Charles.  Actually St. Charles is about 30-40 miles from downtown.  A stark contrast between candidates.  Obama yard signs seem to outnumber McCain almost 2 to 1, particularly in some of the nicer neighborhoods in town (at least from what I see during my normal driving).

So two things for the post this evening: 1) I wanted to share a YouTuber from the Obama rally (below) and 2) share my new web vice, Stumble Upon.

It took me some time but I’m glad I poked around the web this week to start using Stumble Upon.  It’s pretty cool and a great example of how ordinary people are taking media back.  Sounds like a posting for the work day blog.

At any rate, try it.  Set up an account for free and download the toolbar into your browser.  After setting up your preferences just click the “Stumble!” icon in the toolbar.  Your browser will start serving random web sites to your machine.  You can “like it” or not.  It’s up to you.  As you build your favorites, SU gets better at serving sites.

I have found some great ones.  Like A Hamburger Today, a serious cheeseburger blog.  Tip: Avoid the pictures, they are as deadly as the burgers me thinks.  Beer Advocate’s Beer 101 is a great one-stop for anything beer.  And for the spouse in you, or just because you want to be a spouse there is Hassle Me.  Set up this site to nag you about anything you desire.  Yes dear, mine is already set up to hassle me about going to the gym.  Beware of what you share.

Enjoy the Stumbles, Hassles.  Salut!

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