I’m going to go out on a limb here and pledge to ride out the proverbial storm.  Yes Auburn has again figured out a way to make headlines.  Many popular sports writers are expressing their bewilderment for Tony Franklin’s departure at Auburn.  Many are the same writers who were laughing at Auburn this past weekend.  Of course writer’s know better.  How dare we think that a coach with decades of experience would know more?!

But any who…

Welcome to the world of CEO coaching.  The CEO has to do what’s in the best interest of the shareholders or in this case constituencies.  The players, coaches, fans, students and most associated with Auburn haven’t had too much fun watching these kids stumble around on the field.  It has been heart breaking watching their confusion.  Everyone can see it’s broken.

At the end of the day Tuberville is damned either way.  One option was to leave it broken, drop a couple of games, and fight off another midnight flight to Louisville.  The alternate is get moving forward immediately and be chastised.  Only the later choice provides the possibility of potentially favorable outcomes.  We don’t know what will happen.  That’s exciting.

It takes moxie to make a decision like that mid-way through the season.  The “Riverboat Gambler” Tuberville was and is again.  Maybe this is his greatest gamble.  Exactly what were all the reasons behind the decision we may never know.  One thing’s for sure, current expectations at Auburn are much higher than in Dye’s or any other coaching era.

You have to respect the decision.

War Eagle!

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