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Right about the time I bought Tracey’s Element in 2003 the kids were going through a Will Smith phase (actually Will Smith has become one of our family’s favorite stars).  My car, and me, became “old and busted.”  Mom was officially the “New Hotness.”  If you’re lost in the reference from Men in Black 2, just click on the link found at Yahoo’s clips from the movie.

Finally the moment I’ve been waiting for… The title officially was transfered to me Sunday, March 4 2007 at 6:33pm ET.  We were going to dinner with friends and as we stepped out into the moonlight for the drive to Charlottesville, Tracey gazed upon my new black 2007 Toyota Camry XLE will all the trimmings and pronounced me the “New Hotness.”

Pictures to be posted TBD.  I’ve been so slammed with preparing to move that I haven’t had the time to create the centerfold just yet.  I can tell you I love the car!  I drove Honda’s, Toyota’s, Nissan’s, Ford’s, Chevrolet’s, and even looked at Lexus’, BMW’s, etc. at CarMax.  I had considered a new Lexus EX and was close to choosing the Avalon Limited.  But I’m absolutely happy with my Camry.

I loaded this thing will all the options.  It has the DVD Navigation with JBL 440-watt 8-speaker premium sound (wait until you hear Dave on this Panovec!).  Heated leather seats, 8-way power seats, reclining rear seats, and best leg room in its class are just some of the comfort features.  What is amazing to me is that this is the first car I have ever had where I can read the instrument panel without having to move my body or contort my neck. It also has auto climate control with an air conditioner that not only filters the air but electronically charges it to remove mold spores, bacteria, and other bad guys that reak havoc with my allergies.

The power plant is bliss; better than Auburn football on 60″ of high definition crack.  I opted for the 268-hp V6.  It has a six speed sequential shift transmission.  Even though the suspension isn’t the “sports tuned suspension” as featured on the SE trim, the XLE rides on a rail.  It’s so smooth in every facet of the power train that I’m having a hard time wondering what any other car would have over this one.

Two neat tinker toys I added which are taking me some time to get used to are the smart key system and remote engines start.  Every time I get in the car I reach to put the keys in the ignition and each time I want to park I reach for the keys to turn it off.  The smart key just stays in your pocket and you hit buttons.  Buttons to start and stop the engine, a button on the door to unlock, and a button on the trunk to access the rear.  The remote engine start I figured would be good for cold days and I’ve used it already to warm the car.  That’s nice too.

The New Hotness got two coats of wax, a sealer, and was buffed out in preparation for general movement west this weekend.  I managed to finally locate some black license plate frames for my custom Auburn plates.  I ceremoniously applied my Auburn Alum LIFE static cling decal to the rear window last weekend.  Now we’re ready for the honeymoon.  I have roughly 13 hours of driving to do starting tomorrow.  I’ll spread that over two days to ensure I meet the manufacturers recommendation on breaking this beauty in.

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