West Bound and Down

As if I had a truck load of Coors to pick up in Texarkana, I tore out of Virginia yesterday afternoon.  I took the morning to finish packing and load the car.  After shedding some tears with Tracey I pushed out around 2pm with Chesterfield, Missouri being my destination.  It turned out to be a relatively simple drive but I did break it up into two days to make it easier.

The drive itself was uneventful except for the West Virginia hillbillies that decided to ride in front of me with oil spewing out from their tailpipe.  Even after I slowed to put 60 or so yards between us I was still getting oil on my windshield.  Before I knew it I was at 120 mph in the passing lane to put some distance on the front end.  “Whoa, partner” I told myself when I finally looked down at the speed gauge.  The Camry asked for more but that’s for another trip.

I awoke this morning at ten minutes to six.   I didn’t hesitate to get up and get going.  It’s been so long since I’ve been on a road trip of this magnitude that I had forgotten that early morning is my favorite time to drive.  With today’s experience, I’ve learned that I truly enjoy early morning driving on I-64 west of Louisville headed west.  There’s nothing but open road.  Wow.

After hitting some light rain the morning the sun burned off the cloud cover to bring forth a marvelous day.  According to my temperature gauge on the car, St. Louis hit 68 degrees, all sun.  For a person that enjoys a good bit of superstition now and again, I couldn’t have burned enough candles to get this kind of welcome.  Here’s to all of our days being as bright as this one was today!

I checked into the hotel early.  Early was approximately 10:30 am.  They had my room ready and I was ready to unload some of my things even if it is only temporary.  I’m expecting to be in an apartment by the end of the week.  House hunting will commence immediately with my hopes of being somewhere before Tracey and the kids come out in June.

I had scoped out some gyms online so as soon as I was ready I made a bee-line to get a work out in.  I was able to do that and get a membership taken care of.  A haircut, lunch, shower, shopping, and dinner rounded out the day.  Basically everything I had on tap for tomorrow got done today.  All I have to do for tomorrow is practice tying a necktie.

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