Well now that we’ve confirmed that I’m an upstanding citizen with no felony convictions, I can share the next move.  It’s…drum roll, please.

St. Louis, Missouri

I’m off to St. Louis to build a new media business for Charter.  Yes I’m staying in cable on the media side.  I’m thrilled to be going yet sad to be leaving Virginia and the Southeast.  I’ve lived in the Southeast virtually my entire life.  St. Louis however is still close enough for me to get back to my roots, just 240 miles from Memphis, 340 miles from Big Bob Gibson’s, and 500 miles from Auburn.

Some neat things about St. Louis:  It’s has an Auburn Club (thanks Kate).  The Cardinals have an Auburn player.  Former Auburn player Stephen Davis is a Ram.  Oh wait you probably would like to know the non-Auburn things?

Well as you know it’s a sports town.  Everyone has impressed upon me the need to become and be a Cardinals fan (oh no baseball over football?!).  It will be hard but I think I can handle some lazy Sunday afternoons in the sun with a cold beer.  The Rams would have to convert back to the old yellow and royal blue color scheme before you catch me buying Rams gear.  I may be able to make it to the Edward Jones Dome, but I won’t be wearing navy and gold.

There are tons of things to do in St. Louis.  Just as any other city there’s a bevy of music venues, even high caliber venues that could tempt ole Panovec to make a trek to see Dave.  There’s plenty of museums, parks, a zoo, Six Flags, and that’s just entertainment.  Tracey is salivating over the shopping already.

The next couple of months will be pretty hard.  I start my job in a week.  The kids will finish the school year here in Virginia.  There’s plenty of time to find a house in a good school district; plenty of time for me to figure out my way around.  But hard to be away from the family, especially during soccer season.

I’ll do my best to keep up with blogging over the next few weeks.  The great thing is I’ll be packing my camera.  Stay tuned…

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  1. Congratulations! I figured with the last post about US Air that’s where you were headed. Good luck with the move and the house hunting! If you ever need a web guy to work remotely, let me know.

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