Mixin’ Disaster

DJ Blanco and El Panovec will go into rag me mode on this one…

I actually settled into a little mixin’ mood last night and discovered that my digital rights to most of my Napster tracks are screwed up.  Even purchased tracks for some reason won’t play, or download, or burn.  This presents an enormous challenge in completing my summer mix submission for 2007.  The mix was almost complete with only a track or two needed to finish the project.

The big bummer is that I had two new RFTS mixes ready for release.  One is slated for my return to the work place.  The other is kind of an ode to Don Imus.  But whoa-is-me. I can’t get these darn Napster tracks to play.

The story missing here is that I transferred all my tracks to a new laptop that I brought to St. Louis.  I tested the program and a sampling of the tracks back in Virginia.  For some reason they are not working now.  Technical support can’t explain why either.

Bill Gates points gun at an iPodDarn Bill $%^&#$@ Gates and digital rights management.  Of course it’s not entirely his fault, all the record labels are practically destroying the industry.

Ya know I bought three new CDs today at target.  Each were $13.99.  They all had more than 14 tunes.  Looks like you can buy the full length CDs now for less money than downloading.  Leo Getz was right.

3 thoughts on “Mixin’ Disaster”

  1. My mix is coming along nicely. I have 11 songs locked in so far. I think you’ll be very surprised. You won’t believe I had it in me. I could definitely live with a May 1 deadline. Have you thought about logistics yet?

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