How Ya’ll Doin This Evening?

I realize it’s been some time since my last posting.  The time is going quickly which is what occurs when there’s so much to do.  The job is quite challenging from the standpoint of prioritizing.  By the time you get that straight there’s house hunting.  I told Tracey that single people have it pretty rough.  Not only is there the job, but now I have to grocery shop, do my own laundry, clean the kitchen, make my bed (occasionally), cook, go to the gym, run other misc. errands… Calgon take me away!  Except my apartment tub is too small to shave my legs.

Bar mirror at the Country Club pub in St. LouisSo I’ve decided that mid-week is a good time to visit Pullman West, dba The Country Club.  By the time I get to Wednesday my mind is moving so fast that I need a Fat Tire(s) to reboot.  The food is good, the service is good, the beer is cold, and it’s in walking distance to the homestead if necessary.  I’ve also started to find my lunch places.  For instance I hit a sushi joint close to the office for their $10 special.  They recognized me and served me within 10 minutes- quickest lunch you’ll ever get.

The house hunting is going good.  There are so many houses on the market here with so many neighborhoods to choose from.  We’ve figured out where we want to be and now that becomes the challenge – finding those combinations of things we need in the right area.  My two weekends in town (yea it’s only been three weeks but it seems like six) have really been devoted to the house hunt.

The apartment living is going good.  I had forgotten how you can hear how the other half lives.  My upstairs neighbor has a heavy step and he stays up late.  I guess he/she may drink heavily too because they stomp to the bathroom as though they realize at the latest possible moment that they need to be there.  It’s ok because when I get up at 5am I always make sure to rattle some pans.

5 am?  Yea, I hit the gym early.  This is the thing I’ve always wanted to do since I became reborn – hit the gym in the morning.  It’s working ok.  I started running again this week.  The gym doesn’t have a track so I run the surrounding neighborhood.  It actually is working out better than I imagined because this town is so 8-5 that at 5:30am with very little traffic you literally join all the birds and other critters for their awakening.  It’s a great way to start the day.

One of the perks with this gym is that they assign you a trainer at the beginning.  I received four training sessions with her as part of my initial membership.  Tracey will get those as well when she gets here.  The trainer has shown me some new things that I’ve incorporated into my routine.  Already my new suits need to be altered.  That “transition” fat is melting away like butter baby.

Speaking of fat… One of the things that I love about springtime can also be one of the nightmares of springtime.  I love it when spring comes and Tracey always sheds the thick warm clothing for the cool clothes.  I’m certainly blessed in that arena and missing that this season.  The flipside to that is when a lady wears the short skirt that shouldn’t be wearing the short skirt.  I had a little of that this evening at Pullman West.  There were like appendages growing from under some of those skirts.  I guess they don’t call it Mizz-oo for nothing.

No DMB in STL yet.  But…  Rush.  August 24 baby.  Mark it.  Travel into town to see the show and you have a place to crash.

Ya’ll have a good ev’ning…

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  1. It’s good to hear you’re doing well and enjoying your new position. It’s really so hard to learn your way/get accustomed to a new place, especially when you’ve left your family behind. It seems like absence (and abstinence) makes the heart grow fonder! It’s true, though, your wife has a rockin’ bod..and I mean that in the most nonlesbian kind of way possible. LOL!!

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