July 4 2008 Eve

I’m actually enjoying the LAN bar this evening.  I have it half way ready to throw down.  My dogs playing poker Schlitz sign is hung – it’s first appearance since college.  The fridge is stocked with plenty of beer – Honker’s Ale, Skinny Dip, Stella Artois, and a couple bottles of Chimay just waiting for some company.  The Tommy Tuberville bobble head has found a permanent home.  And believe it or not the TV above the bar is tuned into the Braves vs. Dodgers.  (My rule here in the bar is that sports is always on the TV regardless.)

I hit a local liquor store today too to stock back up on liquor.  Somehow when you move you don’t quite end up with the liquor you started with.  Not sure how that works.

Here in Missouri they have private liquor stores.  Grocery stores even sell liquor – a strange change from the south.  I shopped at a place called “Dirt Cheap” liquor stores.  Their TV commercials have a dancing chicken singing a song about cheap liquor.  The chicken even claims that they have the best wine selection. They did have a large wine section and I’m sure it was cheap too but I don’t plan to buy my wine from a chicken.  That’s kind of like buying my BBQ from a native Missourian.

Speaking of… you know on the eve of July 4 I have a hunk of pork in a rub waiting on some smoke love tomorrow.  And you’re right (that’s it on the top shelf of the fridge above).  If you recall from last year we threw down with a Boston Butt.  This year my local market had a 9lb picnic.  I opened it to discover that it had been trimmed at the plant before packaging.  But we’ll make it work the best we can.  I threw together a rub with turbinado sugar, black pepper, chipotle pepper, dry mustard, kosher salt, paprika, onion powder, and thyme – not necessarily in that order.  It’s what I had on hand and I fully expect the meat to take on some flavor as a good bit of the meat is exposed.

We’ll go back to the market tomorrow for the fixin’s.  We’ve been somewhat disappointed with the markets.  There is an upscale chain called Dierberg’s that doesn’t seem to be too consistent.  Another chain called Schnuck’s (pronounced Schnooks but we call it “aw schnucks”) is hit or miss depending on which location you visit.  Then there are the small niche markets.  Straub’s is great but it’s a market where you pick up a special meal because only Bill Gates can afford to shop there regularly.  We’ve been referred to Costco but the closest one is 12 miles from us.  Not a great distance if you’re talking Waynesboro to Staunton, Virginia but a good 20-40 minutes depending on traffic here in the Lou.

I hate that the 4th comes in the middle of the week this year because I look forward to it so much each year.  I’ll do my best to stay conservative but I’ll be hard pressed to not make a dent in the Woodford Reserve I picked up dirt cheap this afternoon.  They sell real fireworks here in Missouri but we’re talking about seeing a real display at our local community show, if we make it.  I think tomorrow I’ll go out to hunt for some fireworks to have a plan B.  Knowing me those will come in handy.

I really can’t wait for the weekend.  Our big Air Force base is hosting an air show. The kids are jazzed to go and so is Tracey.  I loved these things as a kid and haven’t been to one since living in south Florida in the mid-80’s.  Apparently the Air Force is celebrating their 60th anniversary and St. Louis is one of the big markets with shows this week.

Look for some check-ins tomorrow as I’ll provide some pictures from the smoke and bar.  I’m not as some-fist-ta-cume-nated as the Lounge yet, but we’ll make do with some stills with check-ins.

Happy 4th Eve everyone!  Uncle Sam is on his way.

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