Good Morning America

Kingsford charcoal warming up on July 4 in Weber Kettle Grill

Good morning America.

I arose at 5:30am this morning to get the fire going.  First the coffee got me going and I ran to the market to grab the morning paper.  I amassed supplies in the bar so as not to disturb the slumbering clan.  I’m hunkered down and ready to roll.

In usual fashion I’ve started the fire with a base of Kingsford briquettes.  They’ll provide a consistent heat over a long period of time.  I’ll add hardwood lump charcoal before I set the fire up for indirect heating.  Then the hickory will go on as I choke the fire down to 220 degrees.

The picnic, which is now on a 10 hour rub, will probably hit the fire in about an hour from now.  It’s food of love baby, the kind of love that has existed for generations.

More to come…

2 thoughts on “Good Morning America”

  1. Dude, save me a Goose Island – I’ll be there in about 10 hours!

    Have a great 4th! We’ll be chillin’ & grillin’ here. Salut’!

    BTW… what’s the recommended time for cocktails to start flowing?

  2. We’ll leave the light on for ya! I could have used a little nip in my coffee and seriously considered it. However we need to complete the menu, hit the market, and find some fireworks. As soon as I’m back at HQ, the beverages will begin flowing. Salut! Have a safe day.

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