Chi Town Interlude

I flew up to Chicago last week on business and it turned out to be quite memorable.  For starters what’s there not to like about Chicago?  All my trips there have been good, or at least I’ve had some good times.

For instance, there was the trip several years ago for an industry conference.  Señor Artley and I played hooky from an awards banquet where I was a finalist.  It turned out that I won the category after years of being the bridesmaid.  I vowed never to attend another awards banquet after that.

But anyway… We played hooky at the “top of the cock,” a restaurant/bar at the very top of the Hancock building.  Sunset there is spectacular.  The libations are just as incredible from that altitude.  If you’re looking for that feeling of being on top of the world and on your game, just fly up to Chicago for a cocktail at the Hancock building.

Hard Rock hotel in Chicago serves Honkers AleLast week after a long day of sitting in a conference room, Tracey texted me some marvelous news.  Daddy and Jr. Rigas were ordered to jail. Back in Virginia we would have headed to the Pullman for champagne and strawberries.  I headed to the hotel bar for a Honker’s Ale instead.  Not only did they have it on tap but the bar glasses were brand new.  I got the first drink ever out of the glass.  I only wish I had friends to celebrate with.  My new colleagues were a little stymied at my cheer.

Our group had dinner at a place called the Rosebud.   I only mention it here because when I first learned of the restaurant I instantly thought of the scene from one the Austin Powers movies where Fat Bastard shares that he left a “rosebud” in his underpants.  But it turns out that this restaurant is allegedly owned by the mafia and I was told that Al Capone apparently owned it at one time or another.  The food was excellent and it was exactly as described in terms of old school Italian cuisine.  Another recommendation when you head back through Chicago.

I stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel for my one night stay.  It was a pretty cool hotel.  I was told each room was devoted to a rock star.  Surprisingly Paul Stanley and Sting must be forming a new band because they were side by side in my room.  I only wish my work phone took better pictures.  I had a great view of the Sears Tower from the room but couldn’t quite capture it.  I think I got the room with a view because the male desk clerk was fresh on me at check-in noting on my driver’s license “oh you look much better today without facial hair,” wink.

The cab rides to and from the airport were nice too.  On the front end of the visit not only did I enjoy the outside air conditioning of Chicago, but the driver masked his BO with Ralph Lauren Polo cologne.  Talk about a trip back to the 80’s?!  At least he was considerate.  My cab driver on the back end wouldn’t roll down my rear window when I requested.  He was from Somalia and proclaimed to be a veterinarian.  Isn’t that a chef in that part of the world too?  I couldn’t understand a word he said to me.

Back here at LAN we spent the weekend doing more unpacking and looking for some furniture.  I was to get the office all unpacked and set up but our desk was damaged in the move and I’ve had a hard time deciding on a new one.  This weekend I’ll have to hunker down and do something about it however as we need our PC setup for responsible adult bill pay stuff.  Fortunately I’ve had the laptop but using it for everything is getting old.

More posts to come…

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