The Pad

Presenting… Pictures of the Pad:

The living room is comfy cozy with a pull-out sofa bed for when the fam gets to head out for an excursion.  The boom box proudly sits in the corner but don’t let that fool ‘ya.  It pumps out 360 watts of DMB Live at Hampton Roads Virginia New Years Eve 1996/97.  Out of the picture is a cool 27″ SDTV.

The dining nook sits off the living room and features a table for four, a cramped four.  But hey, it serves as a great desk and even has a closet for storing my suitcases.  The web cam on the laptop has really turned out to be a great device for keeping in touch with the Lazy Acrescrew back in Virginia.

The kitchen works just enough for one.  The stove is one of those old models with two dials to work the oven.  No digital read out here.  I took this picture before scoring a $45 microwave from Target.  The two doors to the rear are gateways to the laundry room and cupboard.

Almost the best room in the pad, the bathroom has a spacious countertop.  Also it features a very affectionate shower curtain.  I’m debating on a name, maybe Lolita.  Drop me a line if you have any suggestions.

It’s where all the magic happens, baby.  Well not so much magic but snoring.  The bed is comfy.  I’m surprised at how heavy I’ve been sleeping.  The dresser holds all my gear and I’m happy there’s a TV too.

And the best feature of all…

… the door mat.  I got to use it tonight when my second solicitor in as many days came a callin’.  “Hi sir..” he said before I interrupted.  “See the mat?” I asked.  He chuckled then launched into his sales call.  “I interrupted again, “No I’m serious.  I’m not interested.”  Then I shut the door on him.

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