We’re Off and Running

Weber Kettle Temperature Gauge

After choking down a rip-roarin’ fire, it’s time to get our beauty in the smoke.  My challenge for the next 6-8 hours is to maintain this temp.  So far so good.

Fire with beer steamer in Weber Kettle

I set up a U shape fire as experience has proven this to work better than two separate fires on either side of the kettle.  I had some hickory started and threw a couple of more chunks in to help the picnic get off to a good start.  My drip pan is holding a bottle of Boulevard Pale Ale, a little agua, a golden delicious apple, and some peppercorns.

Small pork picnic in Weber Kettle Grill with smoke

The 9lb picnic looks dwarfed once it goes on but as you can see it fits nice and snug over the indirect U shaped fire.  Those flames will quickly diminish once I close the lid and hunker her down for a day of TLC.  Call it a day at the spa for a pork butt.

So we’re off and running… Wonder how much longer we can go without touching the Bourbon?

2 thoughts on “We’re Off and Running”

  1. Hello nephew Tom – I know you cook pork just as well as you do steaks and burgers!
    Happy 4th!

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