Good Friday

This is the first Friday that feels like Friday in a long time.  It’s been the longest week that I can remember in recent memory for various reasons.  So without further adieu…

Yes the Black Crowes.  We swore we wouldn’t miss another Black Crowes show but here we are tonight at LAN HQ drinking to hallucination to a live album by candlelight.  Tracey is under the weather so we’ve opted out of the free show downtown.  Hey, no problemo.  I could use some beauty sleep anywho.

Bell's Oberon summer ale I’m back on the beauty wagon.  I started running again two weeks ago.  This week I started my gym routine.  By Friday of this week I was feeling ok with the early wake up call.  I even got in a little Spanish red wine last night with pasta too.  Looks like we’re back on our way.

I dropped into Dewey’s Pizza this evening for the family.  Yea big deal for me.  It’s not so bad.  I’ll run it off tomorrow.  Dewey’s had the Oberon on tap.  After two of those in a crisp clean pint glass I could not resist the draughtkeg at the liquor store.  This baby made it home just fine without a car seat and cradle.  She was safe in my arms.

Speaking of being safe at home… Tracey gave me our/my anniversary present today (our anniversary was 7/18).  Her gift is on the way.  Shhh we can’t tell.

Anyway we dropped off at this place in an area called Hog Hollow a couple of weeks ago.  Tracey had seen an ad proclaiming it as a BBQ place.  The community is called Hog Hollow with a restaurant that serves a smoked brisket sandwich.  Every thing else is pub fare.  It was ok but the real draw was the Flying Pig Spinner.

This was the gift.  Tracey even decorated the card with a picture of one of our smoked pork butts from the web site.  We plan to post it out tomorrow.  Who knows where it will end up or what adventures it will get into.  A sexy spinner like this deserves it’s just attentions.

Happy good Friday to all.  Many and most of you are in our thoughts this evening.  Cheers!

Post Script:  I had “Good Friday” in my original Summer Mix for 2008.  I’m sure had I left it in, it would have been enough to hold Senor Blanco at bay.  Not catch Panovec, but maybe, just maybe hold off Mr. White…

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