Are You Kidding Me?

The BAD “Are You Kidding Me?!”

The next door neighbors decided to cut down their glorious, magnificent ash and oak (we thinks the species) trees today.  Unbelievable.  The whole street looks different.  Their entire front of the house will be in sunlight now 24/7.  If I’m the neighbors on the other side, I’m completely pissed to have the entire right side of my home exposed.  What were they thinking?  Their home is 40+ years old.  It doesn’t look good without the trees at all.  All the neighbors have been coming out to look at it tonight.  Those trees had to be at least the age of the home.  Their fall foliage was beautiful.  Wow.

The GOOD “Are you kidding me?!”

Only a few weeks around the corner… WAR EAGLE!

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