Greetings on July 20.  Summer is here.  We can feel it today.  90 degree temperatures with sun, sun, and lots of sun with humidity.  I’m sure there were heat casualties at the Cardinals game today.

Reminds me of when I used to live in Atlanta.  We used to hit Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium for Braves games on days like today.  That was in the days after the last big strike when you could get tickets for next to nothing and sit anywhere.  We always would see paramedics scrambling with bottles of water and ice packs.  I took a date to one of those Sunday afternoon games.  She was sweating bullets and I’m sure hated it.  I drank beer, ice cold beer and loved it.

Speaking of heat, I split a whole chicken and threw it in some smoke earlier.  We bought two new books recently on BBQ.  One had lots of references to Big Bob Gibson’s with the recipe for their white sauce, the white sauce.  So I made it fresh.  When the chicken comes out of the smoke in about thirty minutes she’ll get a nice creamy bath.  Oh baby.  We’re serving that with a crisp summer salad and a green slaw (collard greens cole slaw kind of).  Don’t know about the beverages.  I need to go easy on the brews due to the baby growing in my belly.

It’s kind of a tailgate theme here at LAN tonight really.  Panovec tipped us off a couple of weeks ago to a DMB live web cast and it was awesome.  Tonight AT&T is hosting DMB in their Blue Room.  We have the laptop with audio plugged into the TV in the family room and the audio from the TV piped in the sound system which is also feeding our outside speakers.  John Mayer is jamming now.  The Black Crowes are up next.  Then DMB.

Speaking of the Black Crowes they are coming back to town next weekend to play the city’s summer concert series.  We’ll be there!  We also just got our Bruce Springsteen tickets in the mail.  That show is in September.

Rush was on TV this past week for the first time in 30+ years.  I would have totally missed it if it weren’t for Tim.  Thanks!!  In case you missed it…

Enjoy your week…

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