Countdown to Bird

Just remembered today how special Thanksgiving is.  I thoroughly enjoy planning the menu, not to mention my little helpers helping prep things and contributing here and there.  Fun times!  This year is much different as Tracey has been left alone to do all the shopping, something I enjoy but certainly don’t mind.  She picks the cook up at the airport Wednesday and it will be non-stop cooking for probably 24 hours straight.  Our goal this year is to be absolutely incoherent from tryptophan by the time the Iron Bowl airs.

We post stories here to bring far away family and loved ones into LAN for the holiday.  It’s always nice to see someone check in and drop us a note.   In recent months posting and even the tweeting has me conflicted (if you hadn’t already noted the lack of posts this year).  However I don’t think the holiday will be complete without it.  So do plan to check back in on us through the week as we’ll post stories, recipes, and pics of the bird and girls.

For the recipe this week… well, more of what have become staples of tradition (check the feature posts on the home page to get caught up):

  • One 12 lb fresh organic turkey.  Coming from Whole Foods this year – we were too late for the local farm.
  • Cornbread Stuffing with sausage, pineapple, and cranberries.  IDK, the girls said last year was the best ever stuffing which was andouille sausage so we’re still a little undecided.  (psst, fresh buttermilk cornbread is a must)
  • The bourbon infused marshmallows over sweet potatoes will never leave our Thanksgiving menu!
  • Brussel Sprouts with panceta and garlic.
  • One green TBA: “Tracey’s Choice”
  • Tracey’s Mac and Cheese.  The funny kicker here is that Hale requested pasta (she wants to contribute), so Hale is making this dish with Tracey supervising :).
  • Think we have enough?  Assorted breads and sweets from TBD.  There are a few bakeries nearby so we’ll see on this one.

There you have it.  We wish all safe travels for the week and look forward to checking back in later.


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