DMB Reflections

I know.  I know.  Enough with the DMB already.  Seems like every posting since the China trip has been about DMB.  Perhaps.  But summer’s almost over so one last… well maybe one less out of the brain.

Last week I downloaded all the bootlegs from the shows we’ve seen this year.  Well they’re not “bootlegs”.  DMB allows taping in the shows.  The full concerts can be found on Ants Marching, the largest unofficial fan site.

Four shows have been attended to date this year: Charlottesville April 18, St. Louis June 17, Virginia Beach August 7, and Bristow (DC) August 8.  I have to say after listening to each numerous times, the Charlottesville show is my favorite.  Only three songs from the new album were played, yet each were memorable performances.  The show featured guest performers and older tunes for the mostly local Virginian crowd.  I also liked it better from the arena vs. amphitheater perspective.  Bigger sound indoors than out.

I’ve been working on a mix of tunes from all four shows and having a hard time getting them in the right order.  Maybe some day I’ll have time to finish but in the meantime here are some highlights/tunes to make it in the mix:

  1. Bartender from 4/18.  This was the opening tune for the evening played with the If I Only Had A Brain Interpolation. (Get ready for lots of tunes from this show)
  2. Granny from 4/18 makes it too.  Just love this song and believe this may have been the first time hearing it live.
  3. Cornbread, the Hoe Down Interpolation from 4/18.  CVille featured two guest performers.  One being Danny Barnes who came on for Spaceman then cranked out a solo leading into and during Cornbread.  Nice!
  4. Old Dirt Hill (tease) into Why I Am from 4/18.  I love the DMB teases and hearing Old Dirt Hill really got me going into a new tune heard for the first time.
  5. Recently (On Broadway, Pretty Pretty Thing Interpolation) also on 4/18.  Longtime collaborator and jazz trumpeter John D’earth played several tunes with the band.  This was the first and as noted by Dave one of the first songs recorded before there ever was a DMB with John D’earth.
  6. Pantala Naga Pampa/Rapunzel from STL.  Tracey’s been dying to hear this for a while live.  It makes the list as the opening tune to the 6/17 show and Tracey’s reaction.
  7. Typical Situation from STL.  On a tour where the band is playing 6-7 tunes from the new album every night, any older tune is a rarity.  We like this one for that reason.
  8. Solsbury Hill, the Peter Gabriel cover was played in Virginia Beach.  This was a memorable show just because of our adventures beforehand.  This cover took us by surprise.
  9. Jimi Thing, also a tune from Virginia Beach… uh, we like the ending (see earlier post).
  10. Gravedigger led the encore at Virginia Beach.
  11. When you look at the Bristow play list, two songs stand right out to anyone in attendance: #41 was over 20 minutes.  Incredible interactions between all the band members.
  12. All Along the Watchtower (Stairway to Heaven Interpolation) was the second.  We heard this in St. Louis but at Bristow it blew the sold-out crowd off its heels.  Nice!

I’m not sure when I’ll complete the mix.  It’s on a long list of things to do in my spare time.  I certainly enjoy putting these together.  Of course we have one more Dave show to see: Farm Aid on October 4 features Dave and Tim Reynolds.  So another couple of additions to the list may be in order before we can complete.


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