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We awoke to the realization that we’re almost two weeks into the post-Tuberville era; aka I haven’t had the desire to provide a post since Tuberville resigned/got canned/retired/died/joined Elvis in the DEA/went undercover to fight the Taliban. Are we a little disjointed at Tommy’s departure? Yes. Will we remain faithful to the Orange and Blue? Yes. Will we attend a prayer session with Auburn AD Jay Jacobs? Hell no. It’s his to lose.

Like many Auburn faithful, we have stayed glued to the web for the latest news on who will be the next head coach. There are more names floating around than I can remember about any coaching vacancy in recent memory. Pros and cons, all of them they are. No one jumps off the page. Although I have to admit I have been caught up in the fan frenzy over Turner Gill. All I want for Christmas is a coach who can bring back Auburn ball – shove it down your throat on offense and penetrate your mind on defense.

We’ll see…

We took a jaunt out last night for some dinner, first dinner out in a while. Of course we couldn’t pass up Senor Pique. We love that place and I almost feel guilty for not keeping up with our bi-monthly visits (or is bi-weekly?). They put carne asada on the menu at the first of the year and it has to be the best item on the menu, best carne asada we’ve had. One can’t pass up the VIP margarita either.

Now here’s the real kicker of the evening last night… Tracey has been hounding me for a shopping list for Christmas. So at dinner I told her that after we ate we should take a jaunt over to Best Buy where she could advance me one of my gifts – the latest Rush DVD, a concert filmed in Holland on their most recent Snakes and Arrows tour. I was amazed to read Panovec’s post this morning mentioning:

Oddly enough, Rush was playing on the ol’ jukebox just before I starting typing about The Lazy Acres.

Odd in deed.

We did pick up the DVD last night and immediately took it home to view it. My immediate reaction was of memories seeing Rush before the commercialization of the outdoor venue. The past several times we’ve seen them, the shows have been outdoors. But I remember when they would play indoor arenas and the experience was totally different mainly because of the full effect of the light show right from the beginning. And it’s louder. The new DVD captures the depth of the lighting in the arena.

Although I thought the production of the DVD was good – music mixed well, lots of camera angles and movement, etc. I don’t think the production captured the excitement of the St. Louis show this past June. For one it didn’t look like the band was having any fun. Secondly the crowd response was lame. And my biggest disappointment was how they edited the song Between the Wheels which to me was the highlight of the last tour because of the lighting effects – they failed to capture it on the DVD.

For the Rush fan, you have to own it. But if this is your first Rush DVD, I would highly recommend Rush in Rio first. For one it was shot in a monster soccer stadium packed to its gills. Two the crowd is going nuts, hanging on every word, singing every note, and even singing along to the instrumentals. Thirdly, once the band got going, they started feeding off the energy of the crowd and the performance is one of the best captured of the band on film (of the film we’ve seen and we have every DVD to date).

We have a couple of weekends off before class resumes again after the first of the year. Kind of don’t know what to do with the time. But we believe we’ll use it to catch up on some things around the house. We need to get a Christmas Tree, clean out our garden shed to make ready for firewood, get the yard cleaned up for the season, blah blah blah…

Have a wonderful weekend.


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