Falling Back Again

It’s been quite a while since our last posting for many reasons.  Some may remain silent.  Some we’ll make known.  We have plenty of material to catch you up on, so off we go…

Country Comfort at Lazy Acres NorthIt’s cold here in the Lou.  The temps the last two mornings have been in the single digits.  Blasting wind has brought the chill well below zero.  This afternoon there was an ever-so-slight dusting of snow on the Hotness to punctuate the conditions.  Schlafly No. 15 is our beverage this evening.  Tracey hit a home run with dinner: homemade chili with her killer grilled cheese.  A fire is now roaring in the stove downstairs.

December was a doozy to say the least.  We lost Dad on the 14th.  What he had not known was that we were engaged in discussions about returning to Virginia.  A company we almost went to work with in ’07 had another opportunity for us to consider.  Moving back east, particularly the Commonwealth would move us closer to Dad who had one heck of a year with his health.  Still with our loss, Richmond places us closer to Grandmother, now 101 years of age, our Aunt, and numerous family and friends in the Mid-Atlantic.  So we’re headed back.

Certainly there’s reason to be excited.  After realizing the move was becoming a reality, we suddenly noticed on the map how close to the beach we will be.  Ah… the beach.  Knowing that we’re fewer than two hours away has our minds racing with visions of crab cakes, fresh fish, and warm lazy breezes (not to mention the libations).

Richmond is also within 2 hours of DC, although I-95 traffic can easily make it a 4 hour drive.  Maybe, just maybe, we’ll be able to catch a Redskins game.  DC United soccer games are fun too.  And let’s not forget all the historic venues in and around Virginia, particularly the corridor between Richmond and DC.  There’s lots to be excited about in terms of attractions that fit our interests.  We are happy to be returning to the state we refer to as “home”.

And of course we should be able to see plenty of DMB, more so than here in the Lou.  DMB usually hits Virginia Beach, DC, occasionally Richmond, and Charlottesville.  As a matter of fact we plan to see them in April on the Spring Tour.  The candles are burning brightly because we missed the opportunity to purchase tickets through the Warehouse.  Our hope is that we can secure tickets through the public sale tomorrow for the 4/18 show, or else we’ll be eBaying later.

There are plenty of other things to write about I guess to have a little fun… The 13-year old’s attempt to date a 15 year old without our knowledge.  Christmas weekend with Mom.  The journey to and from New Jersey in the middle of December.  Landing a new job.  Leaving a job… Lots to write about and maybe we’ll get there some day.  But now too many things in the short term… Selling our home.  The journey east.  Starting a new gig.  Landing a new HQ.  Etc. Etc.

It’s almost deja vu given we’ve been in St. Louis less than two years.  Not quite the repeat of the last transition given the circumstances.  Never the less our Feature area of the site includes postings from the move West.  It is interesting to read those now and we wonder how different the stories will be over the next six months.

We look forward to it…

Enjoy the weekend.

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  1. Actually Richmond to the southern DC suburbs is a pretty easy drive. I’ve routinely done it in about 90 minutes on weekends. And that’s at conservative speeds.

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