It’s Not So Great to Be An Auburn Tiger

I don’t think I could be more embarrassed or feel as low as I do after reading the news from Auburn, Alabama. Actually last night I was feeling lower.  I found a box to pack all the Auburn memoribilia in the bar.  I’m considering telling AU to stick my lifetime membership to the Alumni Association up their rear ends.  The sticker in the rear window of the car may not make it to 8am.

Leave it up to Ivan Maisel from ESPN to put it into perspective.  I couldn’t sum it up any better that Ivan does.  I too thought after the jetgate scandal in 2003 that this nonsense would be behind us.  Apparently it isn’t.

A writer for the Birmingham News had an insightful comment before the Iron Bowl game last week.  Kevin Scarbinsky wrote that the big difference between Auburn and Alabama is that Alabama wants the national title more than beating Auburn.  Auburn, well they want Alabama more than anything. I hate Bama more than anyone but I have to agree.

Today I don’t really care who they bring in as a coach.  Any new coach, especially one that has been coaching in the Big Twinkie conference won’t make a difference.  I believe we’re beginning a cycle in which we’ll see three or four coaches over the next 8 to 10 years.  If Auburn can’t give one of its winningest coaches a chance to turn it around, they surely won’t have the patience for a newcomer.

War Damn Eagle?


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