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We’re coming to you this evening from our local Whole Foods.  It has been a fairly regular routine to stop by the store each Thursday and pick up pizza for the LAN crew.  First, it’s my night to be responsible for dinner and it’s easy to get take-out.  Two, Thursday night Whole Foods does a pizza special and it fits in our budget quite nicely.  Three, the pizza is great!  7-grain crust, made to order, natural ingredients (me thinks) – what’s not to love.  Oh number four, they sell beer by the bottle.

There are more reasons too: I like to watch the pizza bake in the oven.  There’s  good people watchin’.  It’s a good time to catch up via phone with friends.  I can unwind and get some me time.  I love me some me.

But tonight’s Friday.  Tracey made black eyed peas, greens, and cornbread last night without knowing my ritual plan.  When I mentioned why I like hitting Whole Foods earlier today, she confessed that pizza would be a grand idea for tonight.  So here I am.

The post is called “You Name the Post” for a reason.  The idea of a regular entry from the Whole Foods came to me one evening while tweeting with Panovec.  But I don’t know what to name the column.  So c’mon now don’t be bashful.  Post a comment and give me your ideas for this post, and maybe an idea or two on what you think it should be about.  The winner receives… a picture of me.

Maybe tonight we should provide a little tour of the new blog features?

Nah… too much work and I’m not done with all the clean-up.

Maybe we should begin our dialog on the impending Iron Bowl?

Nah… I’m not that excited yet.

Maybe we’ll comment on the various people sitting with me in the Whole Food café?

Nah… they are a hell of allot more sophisticated than I am.

As a matter of fact I was ridiculed leaving the house before coming down this evening.  Now normally I would hit the Whole Foods on the way home from work.  Tonight I was close to home so I grabbed a change of clothes and my laptop.  Taylor and Tracey made fun of me.

My khaki pants are a little too short from the years of washing.  My FTL’s showcase their elasticity if I bend my torso ever so slightly.  I’m wearing a Cardinals ball cap stretched over my bur head.  I’m a magnificent sight of married man.

One thing I need to write about is the beer I’m sampling at the Whole Foods this evening… It’s not really a sampling as it is a regular avail in the LAN Beer Fridge back at HQ.  We’re sipping on a little Skinny Dip from New Belgium.  Yes summer is gone but it’s never out of style to toast the “frolic” of the season.

We like the Skinny Dip.  It’s not as creamy as a Fat Tire but still is a crisp ale representative of the style that has made New Belgium brews popular.  If you can’t buy New Belgium products because you are east of the Mississippi, then it sucks to be you.  If you are west, well then make sure you grab the Skinny Dip before the weather turns too cold.

Speaking of cold… It has turned cold pretty quickly.  Highs here in the Lou this week have been in the 30’s.  I believe our high tomorrow will be in the mid-40’s.  Clear skies with no immediate chance of precipitation.  I hope Thanksgiving will be calm as we are planning our annual turkey smoking and we’re looking forward to the smoker providing the love this year.

We plan to hit the blog with plenty of Iron Bowl attitude next week plus a Thanksgiving stream.  So we’re signing off for now…

Hope the weekend is getting off to a great start for you and yours.


Whole Foods 11/21/2008:

Beer Tasted: New Belgium Skinny Dip

Tune Playing over the WF System: Marshall Tucker Band, Heard It In A Love Song


  1. 7-Grain crust, pizza sauce, mozzarella, sausage, bacon, mushroom, red onion
  2. 7-Grain crust, pizza sauce, mozzarella, hamburger, bacon, spinach, calamatta olives, garlic, mushroom

2 thoughts on “You Name the Post”

  1. Man dear, I almost feel sorry for you. Me time-youcan have all the me time you want in the bathroom with a scrubbie brush and toilet cleaner, I’ll show you where the women of the house keep em!

  2. havent spoke to you in 20 years but that makes you as old as I am lol .but you can find New belgium products east of the big river if you look hard enough, sipping on fat tire right now good to see you

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