Double-OH-Seven… In more ways than one.

Taylor and I did see the latest James Bond flick this afternoon.  Go see it, in the theatre.  Don’t wait for the DVD.  The action and sound on the big screen is worth every penny.  The latest Bond flicks aren’t as romantic as the Bonds of old, but there’s just enough of the old style combined with a youthful vigor to keep any viewer engaged.

How engaged is Tommy Tuberville and the Auburn Tigers is the big question.  Number 7 could be one week away.  One loss to make this season the first season Auburn has finished below.500 in a long time could be one week away too.  We wonder if the players, the young players, really understand what losing to Alabama feels like.  We wonder if we have forgotten.

We don’t live in Alabama.  That means that ultimately we don’t have to live with it 365 days a year.  People still ask us, every year.  My classmates have ragged us enough through the entire year.  One big win at the end of the season will save face.  One win at the end of the season will lift our spirits for the last month of this dismal year.  One win will certainly mean new t-shirts for the clan under the Christmas tree.

It is Alabama.  It is the Crimson Tide.  It is the one game that ends all games, hopes, dreams, and seasons each year.  If Alabama has any hopes of a conference or national title, they must win.  If Alabama desires to place a nail in an Auburn losing season, they must win.  If Alabama’s senior class wants any gratification for the past 4-5 years, they must win.  Most importantly, for Alabama to truly claim they are “back”, they must win.  All eyes are squarely on Alabama.

Auburn.  These guys don’t have to do anything.  They are hurt.  They are drained.  They are ready to rest and heal the wounds of a controversial and growing season.  They are ready to learn yet another offensive system.  For some, they are ready to consider the easy opt-out and move on to the NFL.  There are no expectations.

I’m feeling a little Auburn football.  True Auburn football.  I had a bug before this season began.  I thought it would be special.  I was wrong on the type of special.  It certainly wasn’t 1993 special, nor 2004 special.  Maybe it will be 1972 special, or 1989 special.  The kind of special where Auburn had its chances, fell short of expectations, and then vindicated itself with wins over its arch rival.

I gotta little feelin’.

The Auburner
The Auburner

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