Yep. The Boss!

Good Sunday.  It’s been a day of recovery.  Not just from the concert last night but the last week.  We had some travel for business and then a couple of days of training on top of the class schedule.  Sleeping and relaxing have been the top priority for the day.

I won’t bore you with a long concert review from the show last night other than provide a few comments.  There are two reviews from local papers online today: The RFT review and the St. Louis P-D.  The RFT piece has a good slide show and if you look carefully you may find yours truly.

We had dinner and walked over to the venue arriving in plenty of time to find our seats.  Parking was an uncertainty as we tried to find a place close to the restaurant and the venue.  Both the Rams and Cardinals also were playing yesterday which left me not knowing the best place to park.  Never the less we got into the venue ok.

We had general admission floor tickets because I felt we could get in early and perhaps find a good place.  However we realized quickly there were no actual seats.  General admission was standing room only. As both reviews point out the show was over an hour and 15 minutes late in starting.  So by the time we had a nice humid 20 minute walk into the venue, ran out of beer, and stood there for 45 minutes out of fear of losing our place on the floor we were flat tired.

We took off for the empty seats behind the stage (it was an open stage) as the show was starting.  They were really good seats because they were right on top of the stage.  You could practically hear the band members talking to each other between tunes.  That turned out not to be such a great place to be though because of all the old timers.  I didn’t know whether to sit or to stand.  There were really old people sitting behind us, yet older people dancing in front of us.  Needless to say the start of the show wasn’t very enjoyable for us.

We finally moved up about 20 rows and that was actually better.  We had a better view of the stage as a whole and with less people around us, relaxed a little more.

My thoughts on the music… It has to be the first time I have ever seen a triple encore in a venue that large.  The kicker however would have to be taking requests.  The requests in the first third of the show were certainly planned.  However they did requests in the encore as well, even playing a tune to close to the show for a fan close to the stage.  Amazing!  We know why they call him the Boss.

We were left asking, why did it take us so long?

Go see them while you can.

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