Aw Baby…

Sometime this evening, I don’t know at what point, I started to get that 1993 itch.  Oh come on, you know.  The itch.  Fifteen years ago I was itching.  It was one of those itches where when you scratch it it feels so good that you scratch just a little more.  Your muscles relax.  The hair stands up on the back of your neck.  Your toe nails call out for a trimming.  Yes, that kind of itch.

I think in 1993 I was the only person alive who predicted my Tigers would go undefeated.  It happened.  Terry Bowden rode that Bowden name into the history books going 11-0 his first year as a division 1-A coach.  This play.  Calvin Jackson’s interception return for a TD was the point at which the Auburn family said “holy crap, we can do this.”  Funny how it takes one guy to make one play.

In 1993 I was a senior at Auburn, starting the Fall term.  I hosted a sports talk show on the college radio station, WEGL.  We did an hour long special to open the season where I made my predictions.  The highlight was a caller from Nashville, TN.  Talk about reach.  Turns out the “correspondent” was family.  He almost had it right though.  Auburn had to stop Vandy four plays inside their 5 yard line with seconds remaining to hold on for the win that season.

We wonder if this year holds the same fate.  The Tigers are ranked yet relatively unknown in terms of personnel.  We have a program.  But we haven’t won the titles to earn the media respect of other SEC programs.  Nashville is calling mid season once again.  Vandy looked pretty good last night in their season opener/tune-up.  Who knows?

It’s kind of itchy this evening at LAN.

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