Whoa-is Me

To: DMB Warehouse
Date: 5/10/07

Aw man, I’ve burned through my candle budget for the next two years burning candles in the hope that the band comes through St. Louis.  We just moved out here from good ole Virginia and wanted to see DMB this year.  Any chance of a St. Louis show being added to the recent tour?

From: DMB Warehouse
Date: 5/11/07

At this time we are unaware of any St. Louis dates, the band does hope to get back there soon.  This summer’s tour is a bit scaled back due to tour stops in Australia and Europe, not to mention Dave is expecting his third child this summer.  Hopefully next summer will see a return to a fuller schedule, and a stop in St. Louis.

Thanks, keep those candles burning!
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Warehouse Crew

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  1. Oh well maybe you can catch Def Leppard with Foreigner and Styx. They’re coming thru town here and believe it or not Lago said that might be fun. My response, well at least we wouldn’t be the oldest peops there!

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