Going Back for Seconds

I had every intention of adding to the BBQ reviews this weekend.  A place had been recommended to me as the “real deal” and I drove southwest about 12 miles only to discover they are only real six days out of the week.  Strike one.

With my mouth worked into a frenzy it was a no brainer for me to return to Smokin’ Al’s.  This time I had my camera and I’ve added some pictures to the review to go along with this shot.  I loaded up on more pulled pork and added a leg quarter this time around.  The pork was as good as the last time and the leg quarter even better.  I just wish I could have had a pure vinegar based sauce for the pork and a white sauce for the chicken, but no complaints.

It has been over seven years since I mowed a lawn.  I mowed MY lawn for the first time on Saturday.  I picked up a sweet Honda push mower from Home Depot and spent a good hour or so getting to know the lay of the land.  Even though my mower has a self-propel feature I was still sore come Sunday morning, but the work was worth it.  I picked up a weed eater too but forgot that it uses a gas and oil mixture so next weekend I’ve added that to my to do list along with mulching some flower beds.

Speaking of flower beds, the previous owners used rock as mulch around the house.  I don’t know what in the world I’m going to do with it all but want to remove it.  I’m sure it made weeding and annual upkeep simple but I would much rather have some ground with platings.  If you have any suggestions on how to put this stuff to better use or disposing of it, let me know.

I started the transition away from Bill Gates this weekend too.  Over the past year I’ve spent too many hours troubleshooting a 1GB MP3 player.  Yesterday, I spent almost two hours trying to get it up and running before canning a workout.  I finally decided it wasn’t worth it and I made the switch to an iPod.  I picked up a 4GB Nano and after one day of use I don’t see how I went so long without one.  The versatility of using it for my workout and in the car is great.  I definitely will begin to phase out the PC starting with the next computer purchase.

Have a good week ya’ll

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