What’s the Scenario?

Hey yo, Bo knows this.
And Bo knows that.
But Bo don’t know jack.
‘Cause Bo can’t rap.
What do you know?
– A Tribe Called Quest, Scenario
Bo does know that if you don’t make good grades, Bo don’t play football.  It’s just too bad Brad Lester is waking up this morning in his Oakland Raider underoos knowing he won’t be on Pat Dye Field this evening.
I’m guessing however, America, particularly the Kansas State Wildcat defense, will get to know sophmore running sensation Ben Tate tonight.  Ben was one of the most heavily recruited running backs in the nation a few years ago out of Newark, Maryland where he set state rushing records.

Tate’s freshman numbers from last year are pretty decent.  He averaged over 7 yards a carry (52 rushes for 392 yards) and scored 3 TDs in nine games.  Granted most of those yards came against Buffalo and Tulane but keep in mind he was used in rotation with three other tailbacks in those games.  This guy can play.  Ben’s Bio.

So here we are… Gameday.  It’s gonna be slammin’.  No word on menu yet but I’m leanin’ towards easy.  A trip to Straub’s later this morning will tell the tale.  They have the best butcher by far that I’ve found here.  The great thing is they offer a variety of rubbed down and marinated meats ready for grilling.  I’ve been buying my ribs there and they are about the best rib cuts I’ve bought anywhere.  I’m specifically interested to see the fresh sausage selection today.

Before the cooking can begin I’ve got some honeydo items.  The grass is getting cut.  My hair is getting cut.  I’m going to the liquor store.  Hit the market of course.  And all of that before 11am, knock on wood.  We’re on central time and the VT game airs at 11am locally.

I’ll check back in wit cha later.


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