Here on the Eve…

We’re here on the eve of another Auburn football season.

War Damn Eagle!

I was a little disappointed at myself for not wearing orange and blue to work today.  And now I’m totally worried that I’ve jinxed the team.  Forgive me Tommy.

I realized it when I saw one of our people wearing his Missouri paw printed tie this morning.  He had the spirit.  That’s like the first non-Cardinals spirit that I’ve seen in months.  Tons of credit and props to the guy who I now rank as our number one sales guy regardless of numbers.  And to see having a feature story about the Missouri/Illinois game tomorrow is making me rethink these folks out here.  Maybe there is a pulse.

Mixed emotions for me though.  Someone asked me if I was going south for tomorrow night’s match up.  I cried instead.  I would do anything just to be back in ACC territory.  God, can you imagine the emotion of the weekend if your a Hokie?!  Even the orange and blue colors of UVa would nice to be around.  And this time of year you could get a little orange and blue on for UVa soccer too.  I may go out and buy a Virginia state flag just to fly at half mast tomorrow.

One thing’s for certain, our AU flag will fly.  I bought a new kit to affix to an outside front beam exposed off the front porch.  All I need to do is mount it and hang the flag.  With the bar downstairs, AU decor can be displayed 24/7/365, and is, so there’s no need to unpack and spread the color through the house.

All that’s really left to do is create the grocery list.  And I’m torn over that.  On one hand I would love to throw on a 13lb butt but on the other hand I don’t have one nor trust a good place to serve me up one.  At this point I’m leaning sausages, chicken, veggies, etc.  I may go brisket though as I was salivating at that thought earlier.  Nothing like a little fat from a brisket to tuck under your pillow!  Tracey and I discussed soaking some leg quarter in buttermilk all night to smoke in the afternoon.  You got suggestions?  Let me know.

In case you’re not up to speed on Auburn ball, I’ve assembled some links to the latest news below.  I’ll touch back in in the morning.

War Eagle ya’ll!!

Official Site of Auburn Athletics.
Hodge podge of Alabama newspaper’s Auburn coverage.
Turner Loose.  The Auburn beat writer for the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer writes a marvelous blog.
The infamous Jay Coulter blog, Track ’em Tigers.
Auburn weather.

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