We’re Back

Well I know you’re thinking LAN has gotten slack.  Deservedly so.  Last weekend I was all cranked up to post and then discovered my blog had not been renewed with the host and was down.  Totally my fault for overlooking it.  So we’ll try to make up for some lost time.

Super Lou-sday:
I was all geared up to get some work done at home but somehow the Lou had another plan.  I was thinking (and doing) that fresh scallions in our scrambled eggs would be a nice touch for breakfast.  The only problem is that green onions here in the Lou look like my fingers.  The corner tip of my left index finger with nail somehow got mixed up in the onions.  Many hours later well into the afternoon we got our breakfast at our favorite breakfast place.  The wound is healing nicely but I can tell you it’s not easy typing blog postings with an index finger out of commission.

So no work was done but we did watch the Super Bowl.  I’m one of those people that were happy to see the Giants win it.  As I’ve written previously, I like the underdog story lines.  Eli Manning certainly was one of those for all the reason already documented.  Seems the Patriots can’t shake the whole filming thing either here in the off-season.  Hmmm…

Meet Stitchers.  Stitch as you may recall is our epileptic cat.  He’s had just a few seizures since we’ve been in St. Louis but they don’t seem to be occurring at the frequency as they were in Virginia.  Stitch is my pal.  He’s around me just about everywhere I am in the house, especially the bar area.  In the mornings and evenings he’s right on top me.  It took me quite some time before I figured out his nudgings and howlings in the morning after breakfast were his request for play time.  He has a toy sock that he plays with furiously (not caught on camera yet) only after I pitch it to him a couple of times.  He’s more active than ever here in St. Louis.

I traveled to Denver for a couple of days of meetings this past week.  I don’t travel hardly at all any more so anytime I can get to Denver, especially around the Tech Center I always have two objectives: 1) Gulp down some Buttface Amber Ale and 2) get some blueberry pancakes at the Original Pancake House.  The breakfast objective is the hardest because I’m always with a group or there’s a breakfast at the meeting.

(Sidenote: There’s now a Original Pancake House here in St. Louis.  It’s not nearly as good as the one at the Denver Tech Center.)

I did manage to suck down some Buttface this trip.  There’s a company called Ram International that owns and operates several brands of micro-brew pubs.  Their beers are brewed under the Big Horn brand.  The restaurant I frequent on my trips to Denver is CB & Potts.  They’ve got decent burgers too.  But go for the beer.

Another highlight of the trip was dinner at a place called the Washington Park Grille.  Put that one on your list of places to eat the next time you’re in Denver.  I ate a wasabi crusted tuna steak and although it was supposed to be served rare and wasn’t, it was very tasty.  The key lime pie wasn’t bad either.

Speaking of beer, the fridge here at the LAN bar is looking light.  When we first moved in I was so excited to have a bar in the house that every time I went to the market I picked up a couple of twelve packs.  That trend continued until the holidays when I realized that two cases of Mad Elf may be overdoing it.  Since then I’ve been working on drinking what I have to get ready for summer.  The New Belgium Skinny Dip is nearly depleted which means that spring and summer are just around the corner.

And you know what that means?  Summer Mix.  I’ve been working on some ideas believe it or not and I chant elude to the strategy for this year.  I will say I will be investing in some research to help me out with this one.  Last year’s mix was my best yet.  However it didn’t go through judging process.  So we’ll never know.  We’ll just have to aspire to greater heights this year to ensure a victory.

Aspiring to greater heights is Cale Gale.  Boogity boogity, let’s go racin’ boys.  The girls and I have elected Cale Gale as our official Nationwide Series driver.  We’ll be following his season and you should too.  His name rhymes with itself so you know he’ll be in the winners circle.

We are going to check-in on those NSACARs today.  It’s the 50th running of America’s Greatest race down in Daytona.  I’m especially interested to see Dale Jr.  He’s been running pretty good the past week.  Also another interest are the Toyotas.  Tony Stewart is one of the favorites but there are many good Toyota cars in position to win it.  Pass them chicken bones.  It’s race day!

And with that I’ll sign off for today, or who knows?  Maybe the next few weeks at the pace I’ve been burnin’ so far in 2008.  Ya’ll drive safe now.

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